Subscription: Serve Up Sturdy Spoons

Subscription: Serve Up Sturdy Spoons

24.00 every month

ABOUT OUR PRICING: In addition to the essentials you’re providing each month, you’re also purchasing SUPPORT! We bundle, store, handle logistics and provide campaign assistance—giving dozen of hours back to the organization (at zero cost to them!) so they can stay focused on their mission. Our pricing also includes all applicable sales taxes and shipping.

What’s in this bundle: Thanks to you, each month we’ll send the following items to one (or several) of our nonprofit partners. Our partners directly distribute our bundles to individuals and families who need them!

  • 2 plates

  • 2 forks

  • 2 spoons

  • 2 table knives

Why we chose these items: We want our beneficiaries to have items that will stand the test of time. All items in this bundle are made for restaurant use, so we know they’ll last for years to come!

Why two sets? While many beneficiaries single, we like to encourage community! A set of two means that someone can share a meal with a friend! (If this is getting sent to a family, we’ll pair it with another subscription so the family gets a set of 4.)

*Disclaimer: Sometimes we need to shift things around (for example, maybe one month our nonprofit partners all registered for bedding and don’t need cutlery). In this case, we simply redistribute the funds you’ve provided to pay for the equivalent amount of whatever the org needs. This never changes the amount you are charged.

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