LifeWorks: Fork + Knife + Spoon

LifeWorks: Fork + Knife + Spoon


Why we chose these items:

We want our beneficiaries to have items that will stand the test of time. All pieces in this bundle are restaurant quality and super-durable.

This set of flatware is TRULY awesome (seriously, we want it for ourselves!). It’s weighty and modern and well-made. We couldn’t bend it, no matter how hard we tried—so we know the recipients of this bundle will have it for years and years to come!

Why Four? While many of the beneficiaries may be single, we figured two things: (1) Washing dishes is no fun. We’d like them to have enough of everything so that they can take a break in between washings. (2) We like to encourage community! A set of four means there’s enough flatware for three friends!

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