#designforchange INFLUENCERS

As designers, we all understand the importance of home.

We know how essential it is to have the basics, like warm bedding, fresh towels and sturdy dishes.

Our non-profit partners address the basic human need of housing.

Their clients are formerly homeless individuals, victims of domestic abuse and sex trafficking, survivors of natural disasters, refugees, and even children in the foster care system.

We provide the essentials to make that housing feel like home…

…and you can help! By sharing our "#designforchange movement and encouraging your network of clients, friends, family and fans to contribute, you’ll be helping to provide those basics that most of take for granted— and couldn’t live without.

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up over on that form. We’ll assign you a personal referral code ASAP.

2) Share us with your people! Use #designforchange and #cocodesignforchange to help us spread the movement!

3) Make sure to share your personal referral code. Every time someone uses it, we will MATCH their contribution 100%.

4) We’ll be tallying up all the contributions that are attached to your code. Each time that tally reaches $1000, you’ve officially amplified a campaign for one of our non-profit partners and you’ll be featured on their campaign page!

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