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COCObundle celebrates individuals and families making inspiring transitions after experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

To welcome them home, we deliver gifts of new, quality home essentials, thanks to folks like you + our amazing nonprofit partners across the country!


Our nonprofit partners address the basic human need of housing.

The path to rebuilding a life after housing instability begins with a roof over one’s head. Moving out of homelessness and into housing is a significant step, but what about the basic essentials needed for a fresh start?

We provide the essentials to make that housing feel like home.

COCObundle elevates the re-housing process, adding a beautiful, unexpected gift of high quality home essentials - things like dishes, kitchen tools, bath towels and bedding. We all need to share and grow in our homes, and our bundles of durable everyday items are designed to honor a new space and a new way of life.


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our bundles are our difference

COCObundle curates customized collections of new, quality essentials that are durable and long-lasting. Our commitment to this standard fosters a sense of dignity for recipients.

And for our donors, you get complete transparency:

What you see is what you give.


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